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Keep Track Of It All

Finally see where all that liquor is going!

Real-Time Analytics

Our sensors monitor bottles in real-time, so you know precisely how much was poured and when. This will give us data for each drink made.

Who, What, When

Our software points out suspicious bartender activity, such as heavy pouring, skimming, substitute pouring, free drinks, and more. We understand most operators don't want all free drinks to end completely; what you do with the information is up to you.

Instant Inventory

With the click of a button, our sensors are able to tell you how much is in a monitored bottle, making inventory a snap.
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Who We Are & What We Do

WeighUp™ Was Conceived With Operators In Mind

We are a group of P.O.S. providers, I.T. professionals and bar owners who are on a mission to put the $10b in domestic annual liquor losses back in operators' pockets. We love working with F&B operators, and we're excited to help you save money!

Our solution is simple!

  • Our Sensors Send Data to the Cloud
  • We Gather Data From Your POS and Compare It
  • You Get Analytics, Auditing and Inventory Instantly!

Find Out How Much You Can Save

Use the calculator below to calculate your annual savings with WeighUp!


(10-30% Shrinkage)

Our Packages

10 Sensors


$499 Setup

  • Add A Sensor

  • $/Month
  • $ Setup Fee

50 Sensors


$1,499 Setup

  • Add A Sensor

  • $$/Month
  • $$ Setup Fee

100 Sensors


$2,999 Setup

  • Add A Sensor

  • $$$/Month
  • $$$ Setup Fee

Add Scales To Any Package
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WeighUp Dashboard

The Pourscore™ is a grade for how accurate drinks are made. You can see how close to your specs drinks are being made establishment wide or drilled down by shift, by employee and even on a by drink basis.

You'll always have a quick glance at just how accurate drinks are being poured!


What POS systems will you integrate with?

Aireus • Aloha • Breadcrumb • Brink POS • Clover • Digital Dining • Dinerware • Firefly • Focus • FuturePOS • Gusto • HSI • InfoGenesis • IRIS POS • Maitre'D • Micros • Prism • Northstar • onePOS • pcAmerica • POSiTouch • Revel • Revention • SmartPOS • SoftTouch • SpeedLine • Square • Squirrel • Thrive & Toast!

Don't see your POS here? Click here to request an integration!

How will you know who made each drink?

Part of the data we gather from the POS system is who is clocked in and as what job. Also, we can work with your POS vendor to ensure the POS system is setup accordingly, particularly if you have multiple wells/more than one set of bottles.

Do I have to get one of the packages or, can I get the number of sensors I want?

You can get however many sensors you need, with a minimum of 10 per location. Contact us for a custom quote.

How do we calculate the PourScore™?

Our PourScore™ is based on the ratio of how much liquor was actually used compared to how much was called for based on the specific location's recipe.

What happens if a sensor breaks?

Contact us directly!

What devices can I use your system on?

Our system works on any device with a web browser. We are optimized for all device types, so you can expect a great experience whether you're on an older smartphone, a newer tablet, or your standard desktop.

Will your system do inventory?

The word "inventory" means different things to different people. Our system tells you how many unopened bottles you SHOULD have, as well as how much is in each monitored bottle. We also know how much you SHOULD have used. However, we cannot count the unopened bottles in your liquor closet with our sensors!

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